“Mario Is Destroying My House!”

Dudes. Check out these credits!

Filming, editing, music, VFX, basic 3d modeling, character skinning, rigging and animation by: John Huffnagle ( Me) 

Daaaaaaamn. Mr. Huffnagle (which is an AMAZING name) has quite a bit of talent and he should totally make a full-length Zelda film because God knows Nintendo will never allow such a thing to exist. SOMEONE CREATE A KICKSTARTER FOR MR. HUFFNAGLE, PLEASE!

I’m currently playing inFAMOUS: Second Son and, crap, Delsin would likely be destructive as hell. He’d drain all of my things and that wouldn’t be good. I’m still plugging away on Fire Emblem: Awakening, too, and I can’t imagine those characters (all, like, 3,326 of them) wouldn’t be any better. Maybe I’ll turn on Dragon Age: Origins, walk away and hope for the best.

What characters would currently invade YOUR house if you walked away?


  1. Welp, you left Dragon Age on and I am happy to report that the Brood Mother is now in your bathroom. :)

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