Mario and Luigi: Prank War

Poor Luigi. Ever¬†since Nintendo announced the “Year of Luigi” I feel as though our favorite green plumber has received a metrick fuckton of flaming shit. I mean, I almost feel bad for him. It’s like he’s developed this complex now. Which can be good for sympathy, which means he may find himself with more female visitors than usual. TAKE THAT, MARIO.

…Okay. Before this gets any weirder I’m peacing out.


  1. Well at least the Luigi stare went viral from Mario Kart 8, and we have 2 luigi amiibos so… not a total loss. Nice video lol. Was expecting luigi to be pimped out in the video after your description lol.

  2. Christopher does have a point, plus he is still being featured in popular games as Smash Bros. Hell people main him. I am not ondle of them, but Luigi will still get some love one way or another.

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