Make it raaaaain mudda@!%$#!!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I wasn’t so sure before, but now I am a believer. It took something very special; something that spoke to me and connected with me in a way I never thought possible. You guys, I’ve fallen. Hard.

But promise you won’t judge me when I tell you I’ve fallen for a, uh, t-shirt. 

OMFGHELLYESSSS!!! I *just* bought this bad boy and I am so excited!!! And there wasn’t any hesitation whatsoever. It was like, SEE, LOVE, PURCHASE. Hell, I didn’t even look at the price tag until after I got my Paypal confirmation email. That could have ended up being rather unfortunate…



  1. “What!? You’ve got a Zelda shirt!! What the heck! That reminds me of that time seven years ago! Back then a girl named Britt came here and wore a strange shirt. It messed up this blog!” *Furiously continues to spin music box*

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