Loot Crate Unboxing: Adventure Edition!

Sorry for the audio sync issues! Dunno why Sony Vegas Studio Buttsex is being so stupid. WAAAH! I created this video last Thursday before flying out to Vegas, thus the “have a great weekend!” wishes and whatnot. I’m just posting it now because stupid Sony Vegas stupidness is having audio sync issues, which are slightly annoying in this video BUT EFF IT I WANT TO UPLOAD IT NOW.


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  1. This was a bad-a loot crate. I wear my link shirt all the time! oh and the Friendzone CD is kinda cool if you like chiptune. The show is on youtube. haven’t watched any, but the music rocked. Can’t wait for this month’s LC! Themed villians! so we’re expecting some sweet swag. Peace!

  2. What kind of pockets must one have to rock a key chain that BIG? I may be dating myself but I think I remember a Wayne’s World Garth joke about that. Also I’m pretty sure The Friends Zone is that thing I have broken with just about everyone because I play to many video games…………..

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