Little Mac In Super Smash Bros.!!! (Of Course, I Want His Babies.)

Dear Little Mac,

I’m so very turned on — I mean, happy that your playability in the new Smash Bros. games was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. I know you must be getting SWARMED by tons of fan emails, letters and phone calls, but I want you to know that your hot sexy self  — um, excuse me, instant re-rise of internet fame does not affect me. You see, Little Mac, I never played a lot of Punch-Out! which is why, to me, you’re just Little Mac. And I’m just Brittney. And together I think you and I have a bright future full of muscles, uh, memories. Memories.

Call me? xoxo



  1. Why couldn’t Doc be in the final smash? Little Mac takes his candy bar and tapes it to his foe, then Doc comes in and goes on a rampage to get it back. xD

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