Link to the Past Log #3: MiniQuestation

After defeating Helmasaur I tried to be all gung-ho and immediately tackle the second temple — The Swamp Palace. However I was quickly cockblocked as I didn’t have these soooorta important things called Zora’s Flippers. ::headdesk:: Now, because I played WAY back when I knew I’d get these eventually, but I didn’t know I needed them, like, already. In fact, it turned out I was missing a LOT of stuff.

Backtrack; I did.

Zora's Flippers: GET!
Bombos: GET!
Flute: GET!
Ice Rod: GET!
Bigger bomb bag/quiver: GET! (Also, THIS is why I needed all of those damn rupees...)
Red Shield: GET! Magic Boomerang: GET!

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’.

After adding all of the above awesomeness to my arsenal, I, once again, attempted to tackle the Swamp Palace. And seeing as I was now able to, you know, swim and stuff tackling it was a rather simple task. I even acquired the best item of all time. Er, I mean the item with the best description of all time.

MUAHAHAHAHA. Okay, if you didn’t at least smirk while reading that description you don’t have a soul. Or maybe I’m the one missing a soul. Whatever.

The boss, Arrghus (aka an eyeball with a bunch of floating protective gooballs) was insanely easy to defeat and I was rewarded with the release of another maiden. She told me the same ol’ same ol’ — Ganon is bad news bears, I need to free all of dem maidens, yadda yadda yadda. Seriously. These chicks need to become more interesting.

What’s next? The Thieves’ Hideout. It’s a little out of order, but the oh-so-trustworthy internets tell me the Thieves’ Hideout is a good one to get out of the way because I can get a thing that helps me save the Blacksmith’s buddy — who is now a frog in the Dark World — which will pimp out my Master Sword.

God, I love how twisted and convuluted this game is.


      • Remember when games didn’t steer you into a corridor of easy? This is one of them.

        Hard to believe I ever had this entire game memorized. Kinda upset that I’ve forgotten it all. :(

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