Let’s Talk About Diglett. Again.

diglettI have a weird obsession with Diglet. I mean, what does he truly look like? Is he a cute, mole-like Pokemon or is a gargantuan beast? Perhaps he’s a human, so malformed that he’s ashamed of his existence thus only pokes his head above ground? I JUST DON’T KNOW AND I CANNOT LIVE MY LIFE SANS ANXIETY UNTIL I KNOW.

Here are a few facts: According to Bublapedia — the bible of all Pokemon knowledge — “Diglett and its evolution can learn Scratch, Slash, Shadow Claw and Aerial Ace (BWUH?!) despite not seeming to have hands or claws.”

And according to official Pokedex entries:diglett 1


diglett did you know

Okay, so that’s what we know. I’m sure there are other tidbits of information floating around, but now let’s get to the fun stuff; to my favorite part.


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For the record, NO fan art and I mean NONE, will ever top this:

diglett monster

That’s some gnarly shit.

Do you have any favorite Diglett theories?


  1. GEEZ! That last one makes Kefka’s Final Transformation/tree look like a… a… I can’t even think of a comparison!

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