Compare Voices: Nolan North vs. Peter Dinklage in Destiny

SoOOoOOO this video has been out for a few days, and I’ve watched this video countless times, yet I still can’t decide which voice I prefer. Yes, Peter’s voice acting is dry and leaves much to be desired, but I think I’ve, like, cemented the fact that Peter’s voice IS Ghost. Hearing someone else just seems a bit…off.

That said, there are a few lines that sound better than the original (I mean we are talking about Nolan North here), but then again there are other lines that I think Peter nails just fine. In my mind, Ghost has the personality of a…let’s say…mature, sarcastic adult who works a 9-5 and doesn’t get excited easily. Or something. That’s just GHOST!  It’s very weird to hear a more “perky” voice coming out of him.

In any case, Nolan is completely replacing Peter’s voice, so I better get used to it.

What’s your opinion? Peter or Nolan?


  1. Oh, god, Dinklage is actually better. The deep emotionless voice just sounds so much better. His sarcasm is just plain better as well.

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