L.A. Noire Bloopers

L.A. Noire was one of those games I was SO into before launch. During conventions I stood in line for (cumulative) hours just for a glance at behind-the-scenes screenings, not to mention I spent countless hours fascinating the lump of flesh between my ears re: the technology — MotionScan— that used to capture the actors’ fine faces. And while I didn’t buy L.A. Noire at launch, it was added to my arsenal shortly thereafter. I WAS GOING TO PLAY IT SO HARD! But, uh, today as I take a peek at my game shelf, there sits L.A. Noire. In the shrink wrap. Untouched.

For shame.

But after seeing this video, I’m aaaaaaall about L.A. Noire again. And by “all about it” I mean as soon as I wrap Dead Rising 3 up I want to give it a shot. And by “give it a shot” I mean I’ll try to finish it up by the time inFAMOUS: Second Son launches because at that point my life is basically over. That gives me a solid month, right?

Seriously, though, this technology continues to blow my mind. I mean, look at those bloopers! The faces look flawless. Perhaps when we live in an era like we do this stuff isn’t considered “mind blowing” by most, but I still think it’s pretty freakin’ cool.



  1. Dude, you HAVE to play it. It’s great. So many cameos from Mad Men actors. Aaron Staton is great as Phelps. I only have four platinum trophies, but that one brought the most pride. Crack that shrink wrap!

  2. I loved this game and watching this makes me wanna play it now hahaha :)
    I bought it used and luckily the DLC in it wasnt used so i had more fun :3 You will enjoy it :D trust me :D

  3. man the main actor (Aaron Staton) must have been ridiculously good at staying in character! they got one messed up line and nothing but sneezing as far as mistakes go. The one blooper that really got me was when the dude stuck is tongue out multiple times…that was a bit strange to see translated into the headscan.

    Also how unique L.A. Noire was that it can really be the only game with bloopers in it. Adventure games aren’t my forte but I have nothing but admiration for L.A. Noire.

  4. Mine got opened… played for 20 minutes and hasn’t been looked at again… :( GTAV on the other hand I can’t seem to put down…

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