Kojima Is Making Moves, People


Japanese publication Nikkei has some scoopage on Mister Kojima and his latest shenanigans. Note that this news has spread like wildfire, and thus there are a metric butt-ton of incorrect translations floatin’ around. That said, most websites that previously reported said translations are now reporting the following:

  • Hideo Kojima is NOT forming a new Sony Studio, as originally thought, but rather a studio of his own with other former Kojima Productions staff
  • Kojima IS in negotiations with Sony to debut his studio’s first game on PlayStation

That’s all, folks. No fluff here – just the cold, hard facts. Cold and hard just like my stony heart. What was that about no fluff?

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  1. This makes me happy pants. I’m just worried that his next game wouldn’t be a clone of his own game. Like megaman to mighty no9.

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