Kids React to Luigi Death Stare

LOL. Kids are so freakin’ funny. That being said, kids are also terrifying mini-human creatures that I cannot understand nor fathom. Their way of thinking and presenting themselves with their weird fashion sense and hair styles is straight-up weird. To think I ever was one is mind-boggling. (Thank you, Dragon Ball Z, for introducing that term into my life.)

But seriously, what’s going on with Luigi? It’s like he has a chip on his shoulder. YOU HAD A YEAR DEDICATED TO YOU, MAN! A YEEEAAAAR. Most people only get a day, and that’s to symbolize the day they emerged from their mother’s naughty bits. I mean, c’mon. That’s kinda gross. I know if Nintendo declared it was “The Year of Brittney” I would be the happiest motherfucker on the entire planet.

Juuust sayin’.


  1. LOL “Who is that guy with the mustache?” “Green Mario!?” Poor Weegee. The 10 year old in the yellow shirt had the best reaction.

  2. LOL at the creepy girl @ 1:01 “One day Luigi will be stopped…”

    EDIT: That girl is amazing all over this video.

      • Now I’m just imagining you palming kids in the face to get them away from you whenever they get close. “Eewww get away from me!”

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