Kids React To Game Boy

Did you watch it? Below I loosely quote some of my (least) favorite lines:

“It’s not like there are going to be any good games on it.”
“It’s an old DS!”
“It’s kind of a piece of junk.”
“Is it an MP3 player?”
“In a split second I’d throw this in the trash and get an iPad.”
“It can’t sense people’s skin! You actually have to push buttons!”


Guys, I think I’m finally getting to that stage in my life where I’m beginning to feel, y’know, old. I just can’t summarize my emotional reaction to the above video with anything more than that. I’m. Getting. Old.

Also, that kid in the green is totally going to run a major video game company someday.  If I ever produce a spawn I hope he or she is as cool as he is./bows



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