Kid Goes “Super Saiyan”

Here’s a fun fact: I am in love with Dragon Ball Z. I love the story, I love the characters (especially Trunks, I would totally hit his shit if he were a real half-saiyan half-earthling) and I even love the epically drawn-out battle sequences.

The purple-haired wonder.

Never, however, have I thought Super Saiyans were like, an actual thing. Trust me when I say I wish they were. But…apparently this kid thinks anyone can become a Super Saiyan if they, um, put their mind to it.

Witness the madness for yourself.


  1. That’s too funny! Don’t let this kid watch the movie The Last Dragon. Otherwise, he’s going to post another video of him getting his yellow/orange/gold glow on while waving super fast arms in circular motions followed by a…not sure what it’s called…tiger claw move? Good thing he barricaded the door. I was expecting his mom to bust in after he took his shirt off and the vein in his forehead popped out. Man, that gave me a headache just watching!

    Below is a link to the last fight scene of The Last Dragon movie so you can refresh your memory on one of the epic movies we had in the 80’s!

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