Just Cause 3’s Interactive Trailer Is Rad

I often have the attention span of an ant, but this Just Cause 3 interactive trailer had a firm grip on my balls and I couldn’t peel my peepers away. I think interactive trailers are not only super fun compared to regular trailers, but they also give a bit more incentive to sit through their entirety.

Let me know what choices you made! Mine were 1) Stop Hitting Yourself 2) Bowling Ball 3) Chop! Chop! and 4) Overkill is Underrated.

I haven’t played a Just Cause game before because…well, just because (it was never a game put on my radar back in ze day) but I’m digging what I’m seeing of Just Cause 3. Looks like something I would enjoy to have in my life, y’know? If you’ve played any of the others, let me know how you liked them, and what you’re most looking forward to in Just Cause 3!

JC3 (as the cool kids call it) releases on December 1st for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. never played the Just cause 3 but it seems like a fun series ill take interactive trailers any day.

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