I’ve Modified My Woman Cave

Okay you guys, shit is getting ridiculous. I’m seriously running out of room in my woman cave and I’m scrambling to make more. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and thankfully I have will. Or a will. Or the trait of will. I have something that resembles a will.


As you may recall I used to have a short shelf with a little television resting on top.

This is an older photo, but most of the same stuff was in there.

But as the months have gone on I’ve discovered I never use the television, and like I said, I’m scrambling for more room. So the only logical step would be to remove that television AND put in a larger shelf, right? …Right. “Logical”. SO FUCKING LOGICAL.

I’m only enabling myself, you know.

I probably should take out the items in the RE5 box. Hmmm…
Same with the MW2 box! But there is still room to the left I could use for something else.

 I also rearranged a few things and made a mini zombie shrine:

My braindead babies <3

Things look okay, right? I mean, it doesn’t look like my woman cave is littered with a fuckbutt-ton of games I have yet to blog and/or make videos about, r-r-right?


…shoot me.


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