It’s Sunday. Enjoy a Zelda Film.

Good morning all of my hungover friends! I hope your night wasn’t as intense as mine. Guys, I was up until 1:30 this morning drinking this intense liquid compound called H20 and wrapping up A Link Between Worlds. Yeah, shit got crazy. I’m just happy I’m alive, you know?

Every now and then a live-action Zelda fan film hits the ‘net and every time I get a kick out of seeing the potential of an IRL Zelda film. This one — The Dark Mask — is quite enjoyable and offers a fun spin on the Zelda story I haven’t seen before. Hell, it could make for a fun twist and open up several possibilities, couldn’t it? And yeah, while we all know the likelihood of an official, Nintendo approved The Legend of Zelda film is less likely as a Final Fantasy VII sequel it’s still fun to let the mind wander. 

If, let’s say, a Nintendo sponsored/approved/created Zelda film were to be a thing that hits the big screen, what elements would you want to be included? I would LOVE to see a Light World and a Dark World as well as staple landmarks such as Death Mountain and Zora’s Domain, along with their respective species. GORON HUGS FOR EVERYONE.

goron hug

Yeah. That would get my pants soggy.


  1. That was pretty cool. I like these fan made shorts. They always leave me with this we-need-to-make-a-zelda-movie-right-now feeling. I likey. :)

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