Is A New Guitar Hero Being Teased?

::grows a beard:: ::scratches beard in a thoughtful manner:: ::takes a puff out of a cigar for dramatic effect::

All signs point to this trailer being a thing that is teasing Guitar Hero, and I’m willing to bet my firstborn’s, uh, first console that it is, but I could be wrong. Maybe Activision is doing something different with the music franchise? Perhaps something similar to Guitar Hero, but not quite Guitar Hero. SOMEONE FIND A CRYSTAL BALL AND RUB THE SHIT OUT OF IT AND TELL ME WHAT IT SAYS.

I was always a Guitar Hero player myself, not that I hold any certain allegiance to it or anything. It’s been too many years and far too long since I’ve played religiously, and thus I’ve retired my “GUITAR HERO ROXXX!!!” flag. Let me see if I can find an oooold photo, circa 2009/2010, when I was in my Guitar Hero prime.




IN ANY CASE should Rock Band AND Guitar Hero both release later this year, I shall let the best man earn my hard-earned cashmoney. Basically I’m now a victim of marketing. ABUSE ME, MARKETING TEAMS.


  1. Ughhh, having two identical franchises like Rock Band/Guitar Hero is what led to the oversaturation that killed both games almost a decade ago. Can’t we just have one?

  2. I have been more of a Rock Band person myself. GH was a franchise that started off well, but started milking everyone after GH3.

    Rock Band to me was doing what GH was doing, but even better.

    Oh BTW nice throwback photo. Reminds me of the days where I had long ass hair (for me anyway) and wore bandanas as I rocked out to Bon Jovi or Kansas. ;)

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