IRL Pokeh-mans? YES PLZ.

I know I cant be the only one that has imagined what Pokemon would look like IRL. And I know Im not the only one that used to go to bed every night hoping a big, puffy, pink Jigglypuff would appear in my room the next morning. OMG they are so cute. <3333

Seeing as Ive recently rekindled my love for Pokémon, Geekologie couldnt have posted these pictures at a better time!

NOW, this is effin adorable. Diglett was always one of my favorites. He looked like a…hmm. I guess Im trying to come up with a word that encompasses dick turd”” and mole.

Hey Kakuna, I dont know whether to scream or to break out my can of insect spray. Either way, youre an ugly motherfucker.

Ew. Blastoise actually looks like a turtle. That is not a good thing. He needs his big cutesey anime eyes back.

For some reason, Ive always had a thing for Cubone. But the question begs to be asked: WHERE do the bones come from? I mean, is it like a rite of passage? Here son, youre still dripping wet from womb-juice, but place this skull atop your head. Also, have a femur.

Doesnt Pinsir look like something from Earthbound? Not necessarily anything SPECIFIC from the series, but he just looks like he belongs as an enemy. He has the stance and everything! SEE?!

It's kinda...the same thing...OH YOU GET IT.

While those were, uh, mostly cute and all, I used to want a real life Koffing. I thought it was super a-daw-able. Apparently I didnt factor in that its essentially a big ball of stinky GAS and it would probably reek worse than Jigglypuffs poop. To confirm my suspicious, I googled “Koffing IRL”.

…I cannot unsee what has been seen. Neither can you. I AM SO SORRY.

If you could have ANY IRL Pokemon, what one would you choose?


  1. I would want a Growlithe!!! OMGGGG.

    He’d be my best friend! We’d hang out at the beach, go for walks at night, play fetch at the park!

    Then eventually, when we grew up, I’d evolve him into a supremely badass Arcanine. The ladies cannot resist that majestic beast.

  2. Cubone wears his mothers skull on his head because she was killed when he was a baby. Now he wears her skull to commemorate his mom.

  3. I obviously want a aquarium with a nice and shiny magikarp in it :D, and a Charizard just for Transportation purpose (and just to be bad-ass)

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