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I recently answered some questions and stuff for Geeky Universe! A sample of my weirdness stemming from the interview is below:

BS: Do you tend to have a tough time balancing your passion for geekyness and your need to be a regular woman?

BN: Bwahahaha, what is a regular woman? If you’re talking about the undeniable urges I have to shop, buy ungodly amounts of underwear and get my hair/nails done, well, it somehow happens. Sometimes the call of the wild will beckon me and I have to get out. Like, that’s the only reason I know I’m mentally a female. I’ll randomly find myself in the middle of a mall with several bags and be like, “WTF I COULD BE PLAYING DRAGON AGE.”

WANT MOAR? Check out the interview in its entirety! <3 :D


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