Interview With Constantly Calibrating!



I recently had the pleasure of exchaging e-words with the fine folks from Constantly Calibrating. CHECK IT OUT BROSEPHS AND BROSEPHIANS! <3

Aaaand below is an excerpt, because of this thing called mysterious teasing that makes you feel inclined to check out the entire interview:

ConCal: What would be your defining moment in your gaming life?

Britt: Snap. Hmmm. Y’know, I’m sure there are several to choose from, but right now the thing that’s coming to mind is the erection (ZING) of my woman cave. I had been collecting games and associated paraphernalia since I was a young spawn, so to see it all come together and neatly displayed in a dedicated room was pretty fucking rad. Can I say fucking?

ConCal: Where did the idea of being “Blonde Nerd” come from? Making that brand your defining mark on the gaming culture?

Britt: Ah, I vividly remember this day — ’twas in January of 2011. I had been blogging on IGN’s community blog platform for a few years, and had accrued a small following through that. I loved blogging there, but I figured it was time I started my own brand, my own website, y’know, that old chestnut. So there I was, sitting on my ass staring at a domain registration website, wracking my brain for a domain that was easy and catchy to remember. I tried several variations of “BlondeGeek”, but the domains were taken. So I settled with

Looking back, I’m uber happy I ended up with BlondeNerd. Maybe it has simply grown on me, but I think it pleases the tongue and ears much more than BlondeGeek. …Why do I feel dirty after saying that?

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