inFAMOUS Second Son: Make it Rain Trailer

Good GOD, I need inFAMOUS Second Son in my life.

I’m often asked if I’ve played the entirety of the inFAMOUS franchise (which is, like, two games). Well friends, what happened is I played the first inFAMOUS and fell for it so hard. I loved it. (I even blogged about my progress every time I played. I wish I still did that!) The ending — no spoilers here — absolutely blew me away, made my jaw drop harder than panties at an Alistairfest and I told the world to essentially STFU and put the brakes on life because right then and there I HAD to start inFAMOUS 2.

And I did. And I lasted oooh an hour, maybe two before I was bored.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was a bit inFAMOUS’d out. I wanted to continue the story, but I was ready for something new in terms of gameplay. Like, something totally different to refresh my palette. So I, uh, played through Dragon Age: Origins again. But anyway, I still loved the first, and I think it’s safe to say my inFAMOUS clock is finally ticking at full speed once again. With inFAMOUS Second Son coming out in March I’m just gonna chalk inFAMOUS 2 up to something I’ll play “eventually” and wait to disperse my inFAMOUS craving liquids all over inFAMOUS Second Son. (Ew.)

I can’t WAIT. I’m so stoked to romp around my city, kill things and gawk at the landmarks. Like, that Pink Elephant car wash? That’s only a few blocks away from me. For whatever reason that makes me nerd out.

Are you stoked for inFAMOUS Second Son?


  1. I too got PS4 almost entirely because of this game. I have it pre-ordered and just got my PS4 last week. I’m kinda irritated this game got pushed out of the Launch window, but dammit, that means it better be pretty sweet when it does release.

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