inFAMOUS Log #3: Obai…For Now!

First of all, THANK YOU SUCKER PUNCH. Thank you for marking the courier pigeons on the mini-map. I didn’t learn much about the story in the first infamous because I’m a lazy bastard and didn’t want to seek each satellite out, but with these little poop-dispensers labeled I have no qualms seeking them out and knocking them down as they fly around a building. In fact, it’s quite satisfying.

I found out Kuo and John White both carry the conduit gene (or, “carried”, in John’s case). They worked together with Dr. Wolfe; John was assigned to Empire City, Kuo to New Marais. And according to this bitch on the news, what happened Empire City is now dubbed the “Empire Event”. The death toll is in the millions.


Well. That’s rather unfortunate.

OH! Speaking of the news and bitches, I didn’t mention this on my infamous log, but I really wanted to kick that guy’s ass from the first game. Y’know who I’m talking about? That self-declared reporter who always popped up on TV? At one point I thought I would be able to confront him (Cole and Zeke had discussed it) buuuuut that never happened. Anyway, I hope his ass was torn from limb-to-limb and nom’d on by the Beast. That is all.

But I spent most of my time preventing muggings, completing side quests and doing good for the people of New Marais. I even raised my karma. DAWWWW.

The next thing on my agenda is to confront Bertrand and see where Dr. Wolfe is—he’s giving a speech tonight and afterwards I’mma fuck his shit UP! Or something like that. This guy is effin’ crazy…

“I didn’t join the First Sons for the betterment of mankind. I joined them because I want powers! God has a purpose for me. That I might better myself and use my gifts in his name. Besides, I’m tired of waiting. I’ve already assembled the prisoners, the Ray Sphere. It’s already in motion. Tonight, I will become the sword of God.”


Also, look at the best friends.

If I looked like Zeke, I'd be jelly of Cole too!

On an unrelated, albeit sad, note: I’m taking a break from infamous 2. Hopefully I’ll resume in a month or two.

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