In Every RPG


Bahahaha! Man, ain’t that the truth?! (Although, I distinctly remember the dog from Earthbound spewing all sorts of badassery from his canine mouth.)

This reminds me — lately I’ve been craving an RPG, and honestly guys, I can’t remember the last RPG I played through. And is it just me, or am I complaining of low-RPG blood levels at least once or twice a month? In any case all signs point to the conclusion of  I haven’t gotten my RPG fix in a while.

So, what’s a girl to do?

PLAY A GODDAMMED RPG. But it can’t be just any RPG. I’m talking something like, Dragon Age or Skyrim — both of which I’ve gotten my fulfillment of — so maybe something along the lines of a JRPG.

“PLAY NI NO KUNI!”, you say.

Trust me, I want to, but damnuel Samuel (whoever Samuel is) the average completion time for that bad boy is somewhere around 50-60 hours, and homegirl ain’t got time for that.  Thankfully I think I’m about to wrap up Tomb Raider (I don’t mean that in a bad way!) soooo hopefully afterwards I can sit down and find a fun RPG/JRPG to quench my thirst — just in time for Bioshock Infinite to launch and suck up my life.

…You know what’s kinda funny? I seriously just remembered I recently completed Enchanted Arms, and I dropped, what, 46 hours into that bad boy AND EVEN THAT DIDN’T QUENCH MY JRPG THIRST BECAUSE THAT GAME COULD NOT SATISFY ME. (It was totally you, Enchanted Arms, and it so wasn’t me.) This next game I play better be well-done otherwise this could end up turning into a vicious cycle.

HNGHHHHHHH. Of course, any recommendations would be appreciated — preferably something current-gen. :D


  1. Well… I just heard that the newest Fire Emblem was interesting, something about a new “Bride” class.

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