In Case of an Earthquake…

earthquake safety

Man, ain’t this how it is?

After reading this comic (and getting a good chuckle) I was reminded of a moment that occurred several years back. I was over at my friend Tara’s apartment — y’know, the one who fixed me my first ever salad last week — and several of us were participating in Extra Life. We had been gaming for, oh, twelve or so hours when the fire alarm suddenly went off. Thankfully Tara doesn’t live on too high of a floor, so the walk down the stairs wasn’t terribly awful, but you see, I was, erm, hauling all of my gaming consoles with me. 

Yeah. As soon as the fire alarm began blaring its obnoxious horn throughout the complex I IMMEDIATELY unplugged all of the consoles, packed up all of the games, swooped up all of the controllers and stuffed them into the box I brought them in. So, while everyone was already halfway out the building I was scrambling to ensure all of my consoles would be safe. Of course the entire thing turned out to be a false alarm, but ONE CAN NEVER BE TOO SURE.

The best part: the people watching us stream saw me running around like a madwoman while I gathering my gaming paraphernalia.

Priorities, man. Priorities.


  1. Dude I remember that! I was watching that stream. That was the same one that had that chick dresses as a penguin lol

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