I’m “In The Room”!

in the room

::sits back with pride:: Ah yes, I’ve added another notch in my belt.

Every month I’m going to be giving the guys from In The Room a call and cram an entire month’s worth of industry news into their pretty little heads. They’ve gone as far as to call me their “resident gaming expert”, and with a title like that I feel like I could take advantage over these poor fellas. “Why, yes, the Atari 784545645112 is set to launch next month under Microsoft and will feature the DualShock XPBonerFarts!’

But for serious, it’s an absolute blast talking to these dudes — they have such fun personalities and a few of them are newbies when it comes to the gaming industry, so it’s fun to flip ’em shit.

You can hear my first appearance in Episode 59 around the 17:20 mark. (You should listen to their entire show. For serious. They make me tinkle myself.) In the span of about 20 minutes we bullshitted about EA and the Sim City SNAFU, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, PAX East, and all other stuff in this world that is good and holy.

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