Hello, ladies and gentlemen! If I were daring enough to snap a photo of myself, you would my bloodshot, droopy eyes and my mascara crumbly and smeared. You see, I am currently house-sitting for my parents. But it’s not so much “house” sitting as much as it is “cat” sitting.  It should be easy enough, right? 


My cat has my parents trained (yes, you read that right) so that he can go in and out of the house whenever he wants to. And I’m talking three-in-the-morning-whenever-he-wants-to. So, yes. Most of my night was spent getting out of bed, turning off the house alarm, letting this creature outside, setting the house alarm, crawling back into bed, waking up thirty minutes later, turning off the house alarm, letting this creature inside, setting the house alarm, crawling back into bed, waking up an hour later… so on and so forth. 

I have absolutely NO clue how my parents deal with this seven nights a week. 

Anyway, in my current state of sleep deprivation I lack any mental brainpower with which to bring you a witty and intelligent blog post, so instead I’m going to go through my folder of random photos and post some of them here for your entertainment pleasure. 

So please, like, be entertained and stuff. You know I love you.

Ew. An IRL Mario mushroom? No thank you.
Ew. Same goes with this IRL Pac-Man. It looks more like the deformed spawn of a grapefruit.
LOL. YES. Yes a billion times over. That was always such an amazing feeling.
OMGWTFBBQ. ::Cue the sound of logic::

Yes, you can be assured that 99% of these came from gaming reddit at some point or another.

God, I love that place. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to attempt to do something productive like play Mass Effect 3. Although I’m sure the only thing that will happen will be the accumulation of a drool puddle. Because I’m tired. I can’t remember if I mentioned that already.


::hums to Michael Jackson’s Thriller:: Because this is a filler, a filler post….

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