I’m going to PLAY!

Hmmm. That was probably the worst attempt at a punny title in the history of…attempts at a punny title.

Anywho, PLAY!  is a symphony. A symphony I’m going to…TONIGHT! Of course, there’s a catch. There is only one reason I would fight downtown Seattle traffic in order to listen to orchestrated music and people sing and stuff. BECAUSE PLAY! IS A VIDEOGAME SYMPHONY!

…what? You don’t seem surprised; like you almost expected this from me!

A few buddies and I are meeting up later tonight to eat, drink and rally in unison to the sweet sound of nerdy music. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

So if you live in the greater Seattle area and looking for something to do,  I think tickets are still available for today and tomorrow.

If you don’t go, this is what you’ll be missing out on!


  1. Dagnabbit! I already have an event tonight… I remember going to see the symphony during their Looney Tunes show and loving it! I’ll keep an ear out for the next show.

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