I’m Goin’, I’m Goin’, I’m Goin’ ON A TRIP!

(:15 second mark is where the magic happens, FYI.)

So HEY! I’ve been unusually quiet (compared to my typical online shenanigans) the past few days BECAAAAAUUUUUSEEEE I’ve been preparing to be out of the country until the first week of June. Yessire, one of my birthday gifts was a 12 days European cruise. (ALSO many, MANY thanks to the hundreds of you who reached out and wished me a happy day of vaginal-exiting. You guys sure know how to make a weirdo like me feel special. <3)

I’m leaving my Seattle abode in an hour, so I’m afraid all will be quiet on the western front for a few weeks. (I’ll be back around June 3rd, aaaand will be taking off *again* approximately four days later for a week in LA. You see, there’s this lil’ event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo I’m uber excited about, and, well, I CAN REST WHEN I’M DEAD.)

I have a few posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone (just silly videos and whatnot), but hopefully those will fill in the gaping hole that will the lack of content on this blog.

Vita? Check. 3DS? Check. Chargers…I still need to find those.

<3 Peace, Love and Buttsex! Talk to y’all soon!


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