If Videogame Characters Could Break All The Rules

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First of all, major-uber-radsicle props for including Harvest Moon in this video! It’s too rare that I see that series receive recognition/nods so that just made my entire freakin’ night. ::golf clap::

SECOND. Wouldn’t this concept make for a fun game? Think about it — include a bunch of famous snippets from some of the more well-known games. Boss battles from Final Fantasy, levels from Mario/Sonic, dungeons from Zelda, etc. and remove any and all rules. Just let the player do whatever they want in order to complete the objective. Let Link bomb his way through walls until he reaches the dungeon boss. Let Ash (Or Red, or whatever you called him) send his Pokemon after the trainer before the battle even begins. Like Dorkly depicted, let the Final Fantasy characters gang up on a boss all at once.

Nah’msayin? DO YOU CATCH MY DRIFT, BROS/BROSEPHINES?! What other scenarios can you think of?

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