1. She’s frakkin’ hot! Wonder if she’s into lengthily unemployed middle aged guys without places of their own, no money, crippling anxiety and minimal dating experience? (You never know, there might be one out there somewhere!)

    However, there was a creepy part of their dialogue. He used to “play” with her 13 years ago before she was released… when she would have been about 9. Why was SHE locked up? Sounds like HE needs some jail time. =P

    She made valid points though- Diablo is more fun than ever.  I’ll suffer through as many Error 37s as possible for this level of quality in gaming. (Note: 37 is honestly my favorite number, and it suffered much maligning this past week. Evil people. It’s not 37’s fault. Blame 6. That’s a stupid number.)

    Also, on the concept of Diablo being a girl…  well… let’s just say it’s not THAT odd a thought.

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