If 6 Games Had The Wrong Power-Ups

“Huh. Neat.” <—GETS ME EVERY TIME. 

I enjoy these Dorkly videos because they really make me think about important shit in life. Y’know, like what would happen if Jill Valentine came across a Fire Flower instead of a Green Herb whilst traversing Raccoon City?

fire flower

Upon pondering the above scenario, I’ve come to the conclusion that if Jill Valentine were in FACT to touch/consume/whatever the fuck you do with a Fire Flower it would cause more harm than good. Zombies don’t die by fire, after all. If anything, it would only slow them down, and even then you’re now dealing with a bunch of undead-torches that will surely catch fire to everything and anything around them.

What say you, friend?


  1. Crossovers are great although with the popularity of smash bros I think people take for granted how cool crossovers are. but it would be cool to see those crossovers within there genres instead of just super smash bros. Mario 64 with items like Deku nuts and the Megaton Hammer, Link with a wing cap and riding yoshi, mario riding epona. would be so fun ha ha! this is also why game hacks can be quite interesting that people come up with. Nintendo begins to do this themselves a bit with NES Remix but to extend on it more would be cool to see in the future.

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