I heart this Ocarina of Time shirt!

It says "Castle Town Ocarina Supplies: Make Time For Music"

HELL YEAH! Thank you Insert Coin Clothing!

Aaand who represented Zelda all night last night? THIS chick! I cannot even begin to describe the amount of joy and pride that was swelling inside my body from knowing that I was rocking the Triforce AND the Ocarina of Time on my bresticles.

Now, the bumpy ocarina I’m holding is a ceramics project I made when I was a senior in high school. It was almost thrown away before I completed it because my teacher feared I was, ahem, building a bong. (I had to pull up an in-game screenshot of Link holding the Ocarina of Time in order to get the go-ahead!)

But should you try blowing into the ocarina, all you’re going to get is a mouthful of dust and POSSIBLY a whiny whistling sound. What I’m trying to say is don’t expect to be belting out Song of Storms on this bad boy anytime soon.






  1. love hearing about the ladies, lol, I swear you are a chic that talks, hell thinks, like a dude. You should read some Jack Kerouac….

  2. Looking good(you and the sculpture)! I’ve been a zelda fan since that wonderful gold cartridge so many years ago :)

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