I Want To Go To Tokyo And Stay Here


Anyone wanna go to Meguro, Japan with me? This radsalsa room, unsurprisingly called Mario World, is only $77/£50 a night and basically I need to live there for at least 12 days. So yeah.

“Featured on world’s most popular websites such as Daily Mail, Yahōō News and Mashable. Tokyo’s safest area – Meguro – is quiet with a small station but only 4 minutes away from Tokyo’s ultra-popular Shibuya ward by direct train. Separate bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet and shower. Free pocket WiFi.” States the website.

“This apartment embodies the spirit of an iconic Japanese video-game character with geek chic without falling into a ‘kids bedroom’ cliché. This is not a cheap, second-hand apartment made for cynical reasons, it’s a piece of art from the heart. I made a lot of the items you see by hand, and painted quite a few too.”

Fucking. Sold. I have a thing for things that embody video games, and I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so yeah. Add this to my bucket list.



  1. Welp…another reason why I want to go to Japan. This is pretty much badass!

    Welp. I must add this to the list of buckets as well. :)

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