I Want To Be A Part of Elder Scrolls: Online SO HARD


I know the last thing I should be spending my time on is another MMO, but dammit, Elder Scrolls: Online has had a firm, relentless hold on my balls for several months now and after watching the above video the grip has only been tightened.

The only MMO I’ve really dedicated time to is World of Warcraft, and with that I tend to burn out on the countless fetch missions and repetitive nature of the game. (Also, the lack of difficulty is off-putting.) Therefore WoW and I have a love/hate relationship: I’ll play around with it for months on end — substantially level up my character — only to leave it hanging in the dark by its lonesome self for several more months. Simply put: If we had an online relationship status it would be “It’s complicated.”

So maybe it’s the deep-down, wannabe hopeless MMO romantic in me (I have SO much fun questing with friends and family) that’s making Elder Scrolls: Online look so damn good, but honestly I think this MMO is shaping up to be that good. ANYWAY, expect my ass to be frolicking in the open beta come June 3rd.



  1. Britt, did you already get confirmed for the June 3rd, Beta testing? If so was this through normal people channels or VIP, “I’m the BlondeNerd Bitch!” conduits?

  2. I am patiently waiting on this game. At first glance I was kind of eye rolley I wrote the title off as being another Warcraft knockoff. But as time has progressed I have become really excited for Elder Scrolls Online. Let me just put it this way…I sunk easily 300 hours into Oblivion and atleast another 224 hours into Skyrim (thanks steam for those numbers.) I really love the elder scrolls universe even though I am not old school enough to have been there since the days of Daggerfall ,it is still a universe I get gitty about getting into. This might be the new MMO for me especially since I have not been playing WoW much lately (I kinda burnt out on Warcraft after getting 6 characters to 90 in Cataclysm.)

    I hope I can get into the beta as well that would make me annoyingly ecstatic.

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