I Think I Want to Play God of War

The above video magically surfaced on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. So, let’s play a game — oh, what could this game be a trailer for? Gosh I just haven’t the slightest idea.


Okay, I’m not even a God of War fan (more on that in a bit) and even I’m 96.4% sure this trailer is for God of War: Ascension, which is due to launch in March. ::shoots confetti:: This trailer, though, got my brain spinnin’ a bit.

I’ll start by asking this: has there ever been a video game — or franchise — you wish you could get into, but just can’t? It’s like, you WANT to love this franchise because you understand the impact it has on the gaming industry, therefore you wish you could give more of a shit.  Well, for me, that series is God of War. And it’s not like I haven’t exactly given God of War a chance — I bought the HD collection way back in the day, and hell, I even own the Ultimate Edition of God of War III.

god of war

As you can probably tell, it has yet to be opened. Let’s see…I also see a book and a lanyard that haven’t received any love. See, what happened a few years back was I bought the God of War collection with full expectations I would fall in love with the series, so you could say I sorta-kinda went on a God of War spree. “Let’s reserve the Ultimate Edition!” “Oooh, a lanyard!” “OMG A BOOK I MUST OWN THIS.”

But going back to what I said earlier, it’s not that I haven’t given it a fair chance. I think I spent about three or four hours trying to get into the first God of War (HD) and all I can take away from it was that it had a fun sex minigame.As I scavenge my brain I recall some pretty badass boss battles, too. But, dammit, for whatever reason I couldn’t get into it. This could be because of two reasons:

  1. I suck at hack ‘n slash games. I just do. Button mashing only gets me so far, and once actual combos are required to proceed I get frustrated and rage quit all over my face. See: Bayonetta. But that brings up a good point — I had to lower Bayonetta’s difficulty to easy, but once I did I really enjoyed the freakin’ game . Maybe I should just swallow my gaming pride, accept the fact that hack ‘n slashes just ain’t my forte and play on pussy mode.
  2. The…story? Is there even a story in God of War? I know that’s a silly question — of course there’s a story — but I never got into it. That was probably related to the hack ‘n slash suckery you read about above. I spent so much time rage-quitting I didn’t get into the real meat (ahem) of Kratos.

…Well, dammit. Now I want to play God of War. I definitely didn’t expect that was how this blog post would conclude. See? Blogging is like therapy. I dish out all of my problems and work my way out of them by writing for you. We have a great relationship, reader. <3.


Update: Another video has released if you’re interested.


  1. If you do decide to play the series, don’t do it for the story. You’ll be dissapointed. Do it for the action and the great visuals.

  2. For me it’s Fallout. have started Fallout 3 like six times and I always get about 6-7 hours in and lose interest.

    You really should play God of War. Get the HD collection and then play 3. The handheld versions are OKAY, but ultimately can be skipped. You have to experience god of war 2 at least – that’s the best in the series IMO.

    Easy mode is fine if you just want to experience the game and breeze through it.

    • Man, I couldn’t get into Fallout either! Someday…

      But yeah, I think I just want to breeze through. Easy mode: here I comez.

  3. Most of the time when I play a new game series, I start on Easy, regardless of whether or not it makes me a “pussy.” And some games (cough, Half-Life series, cough) are hard enough on Easy that I don’t really want to shoot for anything harder. The Mass Effect games I went in on “Casual” difficulty (which I don’t think a “Casual” gamer would do well on quite frankly) and stuck it out for all three games. I want to enjoy the game for all it is, not feel like throwing the controller across the room (or computer in the case of ME).
    I think the only time I’ve played a game on Hard my first time through was with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep–and that was just because of the secret ending being easier to get. Otherwise, if I want a challenge I’ll just play a game on NES or the Donkey Kong Crash Course game from Nintendo Land.

    • Dude, word. I know it’s not about the level of difficulty, especially if you’re not in it for the challenge. But props on Birth By Sleep!

  4. My problem with God of War is that they keep sticking random games in everywhere. I’m a stickler for chronology, so this bothers me immensely. I started playing the first game, but then they released a prequel for PSP, so I stopped playing the first one and went to that one. After I beat it, I went back to the first one and beat that, so I was gonna start with the second game. But wait! Now there’s another PSP game that takes place between the first and second game that I have to play next!

    And now none of this fucking matters because Ascension is yet another fucking prequel. ARGH. This series just aggravates me. All of this frustration doesn’t even seem worth it for a series that’s just okay to me (no offense to anyone, but I think they’re a bit overrated).

    • LOL. Hahahahaha, yeah, I can see how that would be irritating! I had no idea everything was so out of order.

  5. i have played them all many times! The game it self isn’t really combo based like you would think you just have to remember to block and it will get you a long way. as far as the story goes i thought and felt it had a kick ass story BUT that being said it takes it a little bit before you gather the whole grasp of where the story goes, totally worth it though. and again i have played them all a few times each, even the ones on PSP that they made in HD for PS3 tied into the mythology some how and just added to the story. i highly recommend playing the original 3 first though otherwise your probably gonna get confused lol. from one gamer to another……. knuckle down and play them shits you wont be disappointed : )

  6. The vast majority of God of War fans agree that GoW3>GoW2>GoS>GoW1>CoO.

    You didn’t even finish the first one and that’s a tragedy, once you beat that one and Chains of the Olympus the rest just get better and better. I say try again but just play them on the easiest difficulty, there’s no way anyone should miss out on one of the best series in gaming! The story throughout the series is one of the best in video games and the gameplay, sound, visuals in all of the games are absolutely brilliant. Play them all (or you can just play 1, 2 & 3) before God of War: Ascension releases and join the hype train!

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