I Think I Need Laser Fury

::As of 11/5, it appears this project has been cancelled. According to the official Twitter page, “it’ll be back.” Whatever that means. /sad::

“A stunningly pixel-drawn Action RPG, featuring dynamic combat, ability progression, and online/local co-op with up to 4 players.”

“Inspired by the likes of Diablo 2, Ninja Gaiden, and PSO.”

“A diverse skill tree system.”


I get a metric fuck-ton of PRs every week from folks asking me to promote their Kickstarter project. I’ve found, however, it’s the projects I don’t hear from that really draw me in and make me want to climb freakin’ Death Mountain and scream about them from the top of my lungs. Er, that may be a bit of an overstatement, but seriously guys, Laser Fury looks right up my…Back Alley. (…Hurr.)

laser fury attack

With four classes, different skill trees, online play AND the potential to come to PS4 I, uh, really want this to succeed. Let’s try to make it happen, yeah?

Laser Fury’s Kickstarter

Laser Fury’s Steam Greenlight Page


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