I Really Want Hive Jump

I played Hive Jump at PAX South, but due to some silly technological bugmanbearpig my preview was never posted. In fact it was chewed up and regurgitated as nothing but an empty, wordless post in my “drafts” folder. WHAT THE HECK, TECHNOLOGY?! I THOUGHT YOU AND I WERE LIKE THAT. ::crosses fingers::

Anyway, the message I want to convey on the subject of Hive Jump is as follows: It’s a metric fuckton of fun. It’s chaotic, badass, and most importantly a helluva good time, especially while playing with friends. I played 4-player co-op at my demo sesh and I’m pretty sure we all bonded on such a deep level that words could never ever describe what we now have.

Hive Jump is coming to PC and Wii U this summer. I already have my Wii U copy pre-ordered. <3


  1. this looks awesome. Looks like the style of games like mech warrior on SNES with added amount of exploration and lots of action in the game play. I may check this one out in the summer then.

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