I Need To Organize My Games


The Woman Cave has occupied many different rooms over the course of its short lifetime. Well, only three rooms to be exact, but nonetheless whenever I move I find that my possessions become…jumbled…(read: they become a clump o’ clusterfuck). And although I’ve been comfortably moved into my abode for seven months I once again find myself in the middle of a jumbled clusterfuck. 

Let’s take a look.

The Microsoft/Atari/WTF Shelf

MS shelf

The Nintendo Shelf

Nintendo shelf

The “I Must Have Been On Crack When I Put This Together” Shelf
WTF shelf
Let’s see — PlayStation, Sega, uh, random CDs…some Nintendo stuff…wat.

I. Need. To. Become. Organized.

I’ve tried making game lists. I’ve tried making inventory. It just doesn’t work out. If I remove a game from its respective shelf, leave it somewhere and stumble across it later I have no idea if it’s a dupe or an original. THEN I’d have to cross check aaaaaaaall of my other games, use the process of elimination, etc. to figure it out. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And with all of the game piles I have it’s easy to forget what’s a giveaway item and what’s mine and AHHHH MAKES ME WANT TO TEAR MY HAIR OUT AND FLOP AROUND LIKE A MAGIKARP.


I’ve thought about it for a good 37 seconds or so, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to organize each respective platform alphabetically. That just seems easy as pie which sounds fucking incredible right now and I still have some in my refrigerator mmmm pumpkin pie.

This…this is going to be a project, isn’t it? ;____;

Let me know if you have any suggestions! Wish me luck, and send whiskey.


  1. I have no advice for organizing (my organizational skills are at about your level). So I just wish luck and ask “What kind of whisky should I send?” ;)

  2. There are some programs that you can use to keep track of the games you have, the number of copies, whether they have disc/manual/case/etc…I’m still looking for one that works great, but there are some out there :) Also, where did you get your shelves from? I need something very similar to that for my collection :)

      • Lol yeah, it’s definitely a daunting task of manually adding EVERY GAME into the collection software, but I think it could be worth it especially for those moments where it’s like, “do I already own this game? I can’t remember”

  3. the most important thing when you’re organising is focus… if you’re going to start, finishi it… a good advise is divide your task in small parts, this way you can work on this parts when you have some free time

  4. I have no tips (not being very organized myself) but I will say I’m pretty jealous of that whole collections, not gonna lie

  5. This is why I have been a PC (mac back in the day) gamer my entire life. Now with steam I have a grand total of about 20 video game boxes in my entire house.

    • I could never do that lol…it feels so unreal and less impressive. I’m a collector so I have to have complete games…case, manual and disc :) it’s something to show off and something that’s actually worth money in the end :)

      • I agree with you azreal in terms of wanting something physical. Makes stuff seem more, like, legit in terms of owning it. But no matter what, digital or physical, methinks a game is always worth money in the end. All about the experiences, yeah?

        • It’s Azrael :P lol…haha…I more meant that the games will be worth more then what you spent on them in the future. Like, physical games…Earthbound CIB is over 500 dollars now, but you couldn’t sell your digital copy of Earthbound on Wii U for really anything. I don’t plan on selling my collection, but it’s nice knowing that I can make something off it. Especially since I own Panzer Dragoon Saga in box :) hehehe…and you spoke my mind perfectly…physical copies are more legit :) you can’t really own digital data. And yes, always about the experiences and the stories and the gameplay and holy hell the graphics :)

          • Oh. Ahem. As someone with a crazy last night I understand the frustration when people eff that kind of stuff up. ;) Sorry!

          • Haha don’t worry about it…it’s not like it’s my real name :) Lol…it’s just a name I’ve always liked…plus I think there’s a character in Batman named Azrael?

  6. But your hair is so purty. Britt, you are hereby forbidden from removing your hair in any way. Besides, what Magikarp can grow locks like those?

  7. My suggestion is simple: just leave it the way it is and hope it organizes itself over time. Perseverance is the answer, not ambition.

  8. you could make a database and number the shelfs to know where wich game is. that way you can also search for them ;)

  9. Hey, I discovered you in a video of Metal Jesus Rocks. Nice to see that I am not the only big fan of FFIX. I think that I will follow you now :)

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