I Love My Friends: Part Two. Also, Skyward Sword.

One of my best buddies lives in San Fransisco. Actually, several of my friends live in San Fransisco. It’s pretty much inevitable that I end up moving there. Anyway, Rich (that’s what everyone calls him—I prefer Drewzorf, but that’s a long story) and I have a love/hate relationship. We flip each other shit all of the time. The other day on Twitter was no exception.

Sigh. I mean, how do I come back from “My job is cooler than yours. Go file paperwork.” SERIOUSLY. Asshat.

But besides all of that, Rich Drewzorf was true to his word and currently has Skyward Sword in his posession. Like, the sun’abitch is playing RIGHT NOW…and in an act of cock-teasery, he is live tweeting the game (relatively spoiler free) so if you’re interested in that, check him out on Twitter.

Also, tell him he’s a dickweed.


  1. I live in San Francisco…looks like I am going to have to bust down someones door and feed them hotwings till they understand what tasty is :P
    Honestly Drewzorf has one of the best jobs on the planet, but he also had to fight against an actual T-rex for the position so he has earned it times were tough back in the stoneage. I am only a wee bit jealous of his ownership of Skyward sword but that’s really only because I am practically counting the minutes till skyrim releases.

    Also I told Rich he is a Dickweed…hopefully he has read this or else he will probably have a serious case of wtf.

    Also when mommy and daddy twitter fight it makes me afraid of an e-divorce. If so I suggest you lawyer up and see if you can get half of skyward sword.

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