I knew this Alistair obsession could bite me in the ass

Okay, so if you haven’t seen my Facebook and/or Twitter “location” statuses yet, let me show you them now:

Notice a trend? Anything at all? ;)

Now, let me show you a recent conversation between a good friend and I:

Admittedly, the fact that this person’s mom thought I worked at a clothing store named Alistair’s Pants made my entire day a little brighter. But, like….what if I had been dating this person or something? What would their mom think? LOL! “Yeah, mom, that’s my girlfriend – she says she likes me, but I know she’s in love with a videogame character.” 




  1. normally I would advise you not to inform any significant other that they will always take a backseat for Alistair, but that’s not going to happen (nor could you stop them from finding out.) the best you can hope for at this point is a guy who understands and or has his own virtual love. Then get married to each other while cosplaying in the nerdiest wedding ever.If that happens (it won’t you’ll die alone! well never alone you’ll always have Alistair.) I want an invite to the wedding god damn it.

    your friends Mom is adorable, 

    • You should seriously host a talk show because daaaayamn you have some good advice, son! I’ll remember this forever and will point my future husband to your paragraph. ;D


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