I Just Bought Another Zelda Shirt

While I may not be able to buy the N7 Mass Effect tank top I REALLY REALLY REALLY want (please stock that Bioware. Kthnxbai) I was able to somewhat mend my wounds by spending a whopping SIX DOLLARS on a shirt that is almost as amazeballs.

Yep, this bad boy only cost six rupees. To be honest, I’m a little nervous to see how the quality of the print will be upon arrival. But if sucks super hard I won’t be out much. I mean, six rupees isn’t hard to come by. I’ll just break into my neighbor’s apartment and smash some shit.

Oh. You wanna see the actual shirt? Fine then. I can take a hint. I’ll stop typing. Jerk.


Ooooh yeah. I’m totally rocking this to the next wedding I’m invited to.

To snag your own, head over to 6dollarshirts.com!


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