zombie slippers

I think I’m unhealthily obsessed with these slippers. But, like…LOOK AT THEM! I have freakin’ zombies nom’nomin’ on my freakin’ feet! And the best, I repeat, the BEST part are the eyeballs that dangle around when I walk. Oh! And don’t forget about the brains popping out. Squee! I’m really excited about walking through my apartment lobby whilst wearing these. I want to see people be like, “DUDEBRO, your slippers are the bee’s knees!” To which I will reply, “No, they’re the ZOMBIE’S EYEBALLS!”

Ahem. I may or may not be suffering from a lack of sleep, which may or may not be due to construction that happens LITERALLY across the street EVERY MORNING from 10:00 am to 7:00 am. DAMN YOU SEATTLE CONSTRUCTION! /shakes fist

I have an urge to play Dragon Age. Is that weird?

Sleep. I definitely need sleep.

While I dedicate myself to slumber, check out these brain-eating slippers at ThinkGeek if they are things you’re interested in!



  1. The really nice thing is that the dangly eyes let you know what slipper goes on which foot too. Way to think it through, ThinkGeek.

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