zelda aagain

This…this is beautiful. I feel like I have just experienced the fabled “love at first sight” phenomena teenage girls dream about. The smooth, silky gold paint (or whatever the fuck it is) with the oh-so-sexy light and dark Triforce…I…YES! YES I WILL MARRY YOU!

…You guys are weird as fuck.

3DSI’ve been following this sexual 3DS XL for some time — very enviously, I might add, as Europe were the only confirmed bastards to get it — BUT NOW IT IS COMING TO MY NECK OF THE WOODS AS CONFIRMED BY NINTENDO TODAY. Yes, on November 22nd this bad boy will launch with downloadable copy of Link Between Worlds for $219.99. It shall be mine and mine forever. And it’s about damn time, too! I’ve been holding off an 3DS for quite a while, but with games like Link Between Worlds, Pokemon, and…uh…Link Between Worlds and Pokemon I figure I finally have enough motivation to get one of my own.

Also, can we just take a moment to reflect upon how EXPENSIVE my November 22nd is going to be? Uh, hello Xbox One and 3DS. >___<


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