I Bought Zombie Stuff

In a weird twist and turn of Britt’s life, she recently dumped a LOT of money into Zombie paraphernalia! And if you know me, you know this isn’t a weird twist and turn of my life. (WHOA switching from third to first person!) After all — I buy zombie things pretty much daily. Also, to be 112% honest, all of these purchases were Black Friday purchases but, fuck, Black Friday was like six and a half months ago so it’s no longer relevant.


Yes, those are baggy man-sweats. Sadly, the myth about females always waltzing around in booty shorts and tank tops isn’t 100% true. ;)

Surviving the Zombie Outbreak: Ummm. I haven’t quite done this thing were I actually open the book and see what’s inside, but with a title and a cover like that you can’t go wrong.

…I seriously should open the book. For all I know there’s a vial containing the DNA of Alistair, sent from the King of Ferelden himself.

“Zombies”: This is one o’ ‘dem cool 365 page calendars! Admittedly, I haven’t opened this yet, either. All that matters is that it will look sexy on my desk.

Green box with a zombie inside: This, my friends, is a…dashboard sitter? A dashboard decoration? Oh my God. I seriously can’t think of the name of which you call these things. Y’know, like the typical Hawaiian chick in the hula skirt? Wow. Well, whatever the fuck it is, it’s a bobble head zombie.

Zombies 2013: The Year of Infection: Okay, real talk. I wrote a post last May called Nerdy Books for the Nerdy Soul and a nice gentleman named Sean recommended Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection. Well, because I am obsessed with everything and anything zombie (as if this post didn’t make that evident) I bought it a few days later. It’s a fun twist on zombie fiction, as the story is told through the field notes of a doctor. (The artwork is AMAZING, too, and totally worth checking out in itself!)

Anyway, this calendar is simply full of kickassery and I cannot wait to proudly display it in my living room.

Well, kiddos, you have now seen my recent zombie purchasery! But now I’m screwed in the bunghole because my zombie shrine cannot accommodate any more zombie things.

This only means I must expand.



  1. *tear rolls down cheek* Beautiful collection, Miss Brombacher. Have you tried out the board game ‘ZOMBIES!!!’? It would be one to add to the Trophy Case

  2. I have the survival guide it’s actually really cool it teaches you everything from sanatizing water, some American Sign Language, Morse Code, cleaning guns, and even how to assist in birth!

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