Is this…considered cosplay? I mean, I’ve never cosplayed before. DOES THIS MEAN I’M BURSTING MY COSPLAY CHERRY? Or does it not count since this is gonna be for Halloween? But since I didn’t actually make the costume, it would be shameful to even consider calling it cosplay, right?

Anyway, I am SO excited to wear this tomorrow!  The costume is officially called “Perky Plumber”  (I know, I know) and came with the dress, necklace and a plain red hat that kiiiinda  looked like it was carrying a pile of shit in it. Like, it was all lumpy. So I ordered an “official” Mario hat, bought some gloves and socks and called it gravy sauce. I was also going to purchase a 1-Up mushroom, but there’s a 92% chance I would have lost it in some drunken state of awesomeness.  The only ish I don’t have are brown shoes, but I figure black is good enough! Oh. I also don’t have a mustache. I tried growing one out, but….

Bahaha. Ew.

The plan is to barhop around downtown Seattle and possibly hit up Gameworks. For serious, if you’re gonna be dressed as Mario (or, excuse me, as a “perky plumber”) it’s written in Life’s code that you need to go to Gameworks. I’m not kidding.

I hope all of you have a great Halloween weekend! Let me know if you’re dressing up as anything! <3.


  1. I am dressing up as Pete from We’re Alive. I will make sure there are pics. Need to go get some water bottles

  2. So yeah, the general rule of cosplay is that it isn’t store bought. You’re certainly doing right by “fixing” the costume though. I’m not sure about the Halloween thing though. I don’t think that necessarily negates it as cosplay. I personally am not all that picky and just love it when people make an effort to dress up as something fun/awesome/crazy.

    That being said, I’ve never been much of a cosplayer myself though I am wearing a Red Lantern shirt my wife made me for ECCC this year. Yup, I’m lazy like that.

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