Sci fi furry

Yandy and I have yet again teamed up to bring you ALL of the awesome costumes. And in this case, ALL of the awesome costumes means one — the Sci-Fi Furry. Now, as you can see above, the Sci-Fi Furry consists of many parts. You have the boot covers, the skirt, the pouch, the sleeves AND the hoodie. All are separate. The top and skirt are held together by lacing ’em up, and the hoodie just sort of rests on your head.

Let me just say this costume is a LOT of fun, and hell, it’s warm too! (Which makes Halloween in Washington a LOT more comfortable.) However…well, I’ll let you take a look.

**WARNING. If you are a dudebro of mine and do not wish to be exposed to a lot of leg skin because that would just be weird, like, look away or something.**


Right. As you can see via the model’s photo at the top of this most, the “sexy leg gap” only shows off a portion of her thigh. Now, I’m wearing the size M/L costume and admittedly I have a little junk in my trunk and my legs err on the side of athletic due to years of soccer, weight lifting, etc., so the skirt was *THIS* close to not being able to lace up and cover enough skin for me to feel comfortable. In fact, having the skirt gap on the side of my leg was the only decent way I could sport this thing without flashing everyone my girly bits. You’ll also notice I didn’t lace it up all the way down, and that’s mainly because I didn’t want to feel like a sausage strapped in this thing. But nonetheless I felt secure and like nothing was going to pop out. (Like my penis.) And if you’re okay with that much skin showing, then there’s no reason why you can’t wear it this way. (For reference sake, I usually wear a size 7/9 in jeans.)

sci-fi furry

So yes, ladies and gentleman. I am a Sci-Fi Furry. At the time of this post I can’t find any of these costumes still available on Yandy, so you can live vicariously through me. AREN’T YOU LUCKY.


  1. The “sexy leg gap” definitely works better from the side than it does from the front. It seems like it should be worn like that regardless.

  2. That is awesome.

    Frankly, I’d wear that daily, if I was you. We need hot women in sexy, furry outfits roaming the streets.

    Wait… do we?

    Yes. I say yes, we do.

  3. I say let that penis pop out! just because it looks like a master sword doesn’t mean you have to be ashamed ( I saw that pic.) Haha! Costume looks good, I am sure you will turn more than a few heads in that outfit because you look stunning madam especially with all that junk in your trunk. Your Milkshake shall surely bring all the boys to the yard.
    just a side note I don’t know if skirts do this but I know my beanie used to spin around on my head unassisted over time, might want to keep an eye on that gap if you don’t want to be flashing your gap.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHA. Teach me the ways of your milkshake and how it brings all of da boyz to teh yard. LESSONS PRZ!!!

      Thanks man! <3

  4. Didn’t I see you in a Bond movie? You were helping 007 storm a doomsday weapon base in Siberia. Your name was Tatasyana Takeitoff. At the end he said “Well, Tatas, whatever shall we do until rescue arrives?” and as he bagan unlacing you said “Oh, James”

    I’m stream-of-consciousnessing again, aren’t i? Damn, I need to go to bed.

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