I’m moving!

I don’t think I’ve made any mention of this on here, but I’m moving to a galaxy, far, far away…

I kid. I’m actually moving to an extravagant castle surrounded by a moat of crystal blue water. Did I tell you it looks JUST like Hyrule Castle? It’s pretty amazing.


…Would you believe me if I told you I’m getting my own two-bedroom apartment? That’s a little more believable, right? I hope so, because that’s the actual truth. Although…if I could sit here and boast that I’m moving into a Hyrule Castle look-alike I have a feeling this post would be just a LITTLE more awesome…

But seriously, I’m excited about moving for numerous reasons, some more obvious than others. Sure, moving into a bigger crib than that of which I’m currently residing in is awesome in itself, but let me rewind a bit. I said “TWO” bedrooms. As in, I’ll have one to sleep in and another to dedicate as…are you ready for this…my woman cave.

I’ve been fantasizing about my woman cave for several years now. Over the years I’ve bought figurines, replicas, numerous collector’s editions, vintage video game magazines, posters, plushies, etc,etc, and it makes me a very sad panda that ALL of everything awesome I own is packed away in boxes or strewn about under my bed.



I don’t “officially’ move until next month, but I can start hauling my stuff over to the new apartment now. My plan of action? Get my TV set up in the living room and get my bed in the bedroom and call it good. Next, all of my efforts go towards my woman cave <3.

I’ve got big plans for my cave of awesome. The room itself isn’t AS big as I’d like it to be, but hey, every cave has to start out somewhere…right?

Tell me about YOUR man/woman cave. <3

As for mine, more details to come!


  1. My cave would be virtually empty besides a big TV I would hook up my consoles and computer to. Then I would have a closet full of games, instruments, and other crap I like. Id leave the rest of the room empty for awesome.

  2. First of, congrats on the apartment. Second, you should definitely document the transformation from an empty room to your Woman Cave.

    I’m not certain on what I would really have besides a tv, game consoles, and the STA WARS arcade that had you sit in a seat and fly the x-wing/snow speeder and fight Vader and Boba Fett with your lightsaber.

  3. that’s awesome ur getting a new apartment. congratz!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzjCoKmQs2s)

    man cave .. hmm, never heard of that term before. but I suppose it’s something like a hobby/collection room? well, since I only got one room .. my bedroom will have to be a hybrid of bedroom/cave. currently, the wall of my cave is covered with my own painting and illustrations ..

    one wall has a cat city with a bunch of cat-men living in it. there’s a cat princess with bodyguards (also cats) who dress up like Turks from FF7 with sunglasses. in the village, there’s one cat dude BBQing a fish .. but two kiddy cats are trying to steal the fish from him .. so one of them pulled down his pants (he’s really pissed off about it) while the other one tries to steal the fish from behind. and then there are a bunch of other cats just doing their daily business. another wall has illustrations of a battle between the cat-men and a giant rock dinosaur .. and a few minions like snakes and some dancing little fire-men.

    the 3rd wall .. I have my Gundam collection. three shelves each with Gundam from different eras. and my final wall, I covered it up with lots of postcards with cool graphic designs on them that I collected whenever I went to museums, art events, and so on.

    so yeah, that’s about it. looking forward to seeing your woman cave soon =)

  4. Because of you I’m never ever going to be able to look at the term ‘woman cave’ ever again the same way. All I’m going to think of is an incredible gaming collection, that I’d basically be completely jealous of haha.

    As for my ‘man cave’ its pretty much nonexistent since I haven’t moved out and prolly wont til I’m done with college. But when I do get to have my own it’ll prolly be pretty simple..big screen TV, as many consoles as I can neatly fit in and hooked up and nice big wall-sized shelves containing masses of games and movies! It makes me sad because I don’t have it right now haha =/

  5. First thing when you said you were moving…

    HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MOVE ALL THAT STUFF?! Also, please find it in your heart to scavage some unplayed games and play them! :]

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