Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Video

Looks pretty rad with a side of awesome, doesn’t it?

Buuut I’m kinda disappointed right now, as I just learned Hyrule Warriors won’t offer online multiplayer. It’ll feature local multiplayer, and it sounds like one person will have to use the Gamepad while the other utilizes the TV. What about split-screen, you ask? Well, I’ve scoured internet and I can’t find anything on it. The only multiplayer feature that is mentioned is the TV/Gamepad experience. Hopefully this is something PR is focusing on for now, like, “Look how awesome and convenient our Gamepad is!” and down the line split-screen will be confirmed as another feature.

I didn’t play Hyrule Warriors at E3, but I lurked from a distance (ie: three feet) and watched as someone else slaughtered many a’ thing. It looked FUN, but it’s definitely the sort of game I’d have to play with another person, and I’d feel like a big dick if I were all, “HEY! Come over and play Hyrule Warriors with me! I’ll play on the 65″ and you can, uh, have the Gamepad. Enjoy.”

As a refresher, Hyrule Warriors is being developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja. It releases this August in Japan, and this September everywhere else.


  1. It’s a little weird for a Dynasty Warriors-esque game to not have split screen…hopefully they do make it split screen :) online multiplayer would be awesome, but I can’t recall Dynasty Warriors ever doing that? I could be wrong on that though…

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