Hyrule Castle Made Of Legos Makes Me Realize I Suck At Legos

Well, damn. That’s pretty fucking impressive. I can’t help but flinch at the idea of someone smuggling in, like, a brick or something and chucking it at the castle AND OH GOD THE THOUGHT ALONE MAKES MY BUTT CLENCH.

I used to love playing with LEGOs. I had one of those folding LEGO tables that held all of the components inside said table. If the below image isn’t the exact table I speak of, whatever I did have looked strikingly similar:


I mean, sure, the most I could construct would be a half-hazard house with a failing roof, but even so I had a freakin’ blast putting that shit together. Now, thanks to the above video, whatever pride I once had related to my LEGO building skills has gone out the window. Like, it’s gone. Out-the-window-and-down-the-street-into-the-next-county-gone. 

Props, rad dude. Props. 

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