Hyper Dragon Ball Z Is What We’ve Been Waiting For

You know what’s a glorious feeling? Waking up thinking it’s Monday morning but it’s really Saturday morning. Know what else? Thinking the above trailer is a fan-submitted “what could have been” project that has absolutely no future but then realizing that the above clip is a legitimate trailer for a legitimate game. 

“Our motivation was born from seeing the many official and unofficial games that DBZ has spawned over the last years. Usually packed with tons of characters, those games have always left us with a bad taste in our mouths,” Team Z2, the developers, said. “This demo is based on games in the vein of Capcom’s Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, adapted and fine-tuned to represent Dragonball’s highly cinematic action in a way that actual combat means more than repeating the same combination of buttons over and over again.”

“This video was made mostly to make people aware that this exists. Why? Because we love creating and we want to show our inner fire. Consider it a proof of concept. We knew this could be done with effort and talented people, all it takes is hard work. Help us get this video go viral. Like and Favourite it but most of all, SHARE it. That one kid you used to watch DBZ episodes with 10 years ago? Share it with him. Your parents, your boss? Link them up. Any friends, family or contacts working at big game companies? Active in fightng game tournaments? Spread the word, share this video. I’m convinced we can do it!”

YOU HEARD THE MAN! Links below:

Hyper Dragon Ball Z Facebook Page

Pre-Packed Sample

Separate Characters/Stages Here

dbz gif

While I’m pumped for Hyper, I’m still waiting for my huge-ass, open-world, next-generation DBZ game. I KNOW IT’S OUT THERE, SOMEWHERE. Even if it’s in a parallel universe I need it in my life. Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?! Think about it: you could create your own Z Warrior and traverse the DBZ universe. You could explore all of the notorious DBZ planets, befriend the DBZ gang, cross path with infamous villains, watch future Trunks take a shower — and of course, it would have RPG elements so you could level and grow the skills of your warrior however you wanted. 

…C’MON! I can’t be the only one turned on by this thought. 


  1. So now, all that needs to happen is this actually be made for consoles, and then everything will be right with the Dragonball Z gaming world :)

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